Monday, February 7, 2011

*Till Death Do Us Part*

So today during my orientation at the hospital I got to visit the morgue. It was so weird! I got to see the table that has the drain where the head lies and the coolers where the bodies chill... literally. LOL It was a little spooky because I'm obsessed with CSI, NCIS, Bones, Grey's Anatomy, which happen show a lot of realistic autopsies. I definitely pictured (in my very vivid mind) a dead body opened up on that table even though there wasn't. Ha! I'm so weird.

Anyways... Enough of death, now to the "do us part" section. My wedding & event planning & design HW is tough! I LOVE it, Thoroughly enjoy it, I just wish I had more time to put into it. I don't know how people work full time, do night school, & are parents. Blah! Kudos to them! I'm glad I have my BA done & will have certifications out of the way by 2012 before I get to the kids part of my life... I'm thinking another 7-10 years haha But I'm really excited to get to the point where I'll actually be certified to make magic on people's "Happiest day of their life." It will truly make me happy. =) & I would make me even happier to make that magic at the "Happiest Place On Earth" ... Disney World! <3

Speaking of happy... I'm 99% sure that I'm joining a local HealthPlex/Gym that I will go to after work ever MWF. I get half off since I'm an employee with the hospital and the hospital owns the HealthPlex. I'm really excited. I'm SOOOO out of shape & a lot heavier than I was in high school so I know I'll be happier once I get healthy again & get hott again (hahaha) I really am doing this so I can be healthy though. I want to strengthen my core so I can prevent any more damage to my already messed up back (see picture below)

Yea, the minor scoliosis & the bulging discs, yes that is plural, in my lumbar are such a pain, literally. I really want to make my muscles stronger in my back and abdomen to protect & prevent anything else from happening. I also want to get into really good shape so I can run in the Princess Half Marathon next spring. I just need to get my body into a physical habit so when I do move back to FL I will continue at the the gym facilities at the apartment complex I'll be living in. I am SUPER Pumped! =)

Okay I think I've rambled enough, but this is "RJ's Rambles" haha So I went through the morgue, certifications, & the HealthPlex... Oh Yes! I am SUPER excited to go down to Wesleyan this weekend to cheer on my Zeta sisters when they get our newest baby Zetas & Jump... My favorite college holiday. It'll be fun to pretend to be a college kid again hehe & by then I'll have my bad ass camera to take awesome pictures with... I just hope it's as bad ass as it seems haha!!

NOW I'm done. Thanks for listening...

All my love,

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