Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 18: The Attraction You Want Disney To Bring Back

Okay I have 1 and a half lol You'll soon understand what I mean.


I LOVED this as a kid! My mother hated it cause she thought it was a rough ride, but I had a blast with it. I also felt like I was a student on the Magic School Bus on the episode when they shrank themselves to go into a body. I thought that was so cool! I love learning and having fun! It's a shame that they took down =(

The half would be that I'd like for them to bring back would be the old Imagination. (I consider this half since the ride is still there, it's just the horrible upgraded one)
I REALLY HATE the new one of Imagination and I'm sad that the fun room with the glowing lights on the cool carpet is gone. It was a room you can go to that was near the gift shop you walked into after the ride. I LOVED jumping on the moving lights as a kid and doing all those fun things. Oh to be a kid in the 90's again...


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with both of those. I loveddd Body Wars and Cranium Command, really that whole buiding (Wonders of Life) was awesome and I'm so sad it's gone :(

The Figment ride isn't the same at all, the only one was tons better. Fortunately I have been hearing rumos they're going to change it back!

Rachel__88 said...

I miss Wonders of Life too! I loved it!

I've heard those rumors for a couple years now. I hope they do change it back though! I was in love with that ride and Figment it's a shame what they did to it, but hopefully it'll be restored to it's original perfect ride very soon. =)