Friday, February 4, 2011

♪ Photographs and Memories♪

Since my camera was stolen last semester (Yes I have finally come to that conclusion) I decided to finally get a new one. My heart is completely broken that it was stolen since I LOVED my camera. It was kind of a POS because it got used & abused, but it was nicer than most. I bought it with my own saved up money early in college before I had a job & what not for $250. It was a nice camera at the time.

I absolutely LOVE taking pictures. The memories are everlasting, but the pictures remind you of the little details you may have forgotten.
Freshman year, one of my sorority sisters who was a senior at the time, called me "Flash" because I took pictures ALL THE TIME. I have a million albums on Facebook & even went to photography camp at one point in my life and my final paper for my art class was on the art of photography. To get to the point, I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY.

I was looking at purchasing a camera that was worth around $350, my affordable dream camera. (Olympus SP-800UZ ... 14mpx, 30x zoom) I found it with a bunch of accessories for $309 on Ebay, so of course I was super tempted, but I decided not to spend $309 because that could go towards a wireless router for my future apartment. I wasn't giving up on getting a camera though.

I finally decided to buy a another camera, which is just about the same quality as the Olympus, it's the Fujifilm S1800. 12mpx, 18x zoom. I am pumped! I got this with a camera case, 16gb sd card, a mini tripod, lens cleaner, & an extra battery for only $190. I think that's much more affordable than the $309 and it's still a good quality, not like the Olympus, but one day, when I have the money, I'll get myself my dream camera, but for now it's a basic, but nice camera.

Feel free to check it out. I can't wait till it comes in! Should come in the next 8-10 days!!! =D

☮ & ♥

Photographs and Memories - Jason Reeves

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