Monday, February 21, 2011

OCD or should it be CDO?

You know those days when you feel like shit, everything seems to be going wrong, you almost get into a couple car accidents because of stupid drivers, and things aren't going as planned. Yea, today was my day for that.

I'll skip all the bad shit cause I don't feel like being a negative nelly at the moment. My favorite part of the evening was about 8pm when my family knocked that shitty feeling out of my system when we were just talking about our quirks. Everyone has something odd about them, if you're a Stackpole though, there's definitely more than one. My major quark is the fact that I have OCD.

Now you may be thinking "OMG does she have the flick the lights 5 times before she enters a room or wash her hands three times before she leaves the bathroom" well for one thing, I don't use the light if I don't need to (HELLLOOO Save Energy = Save Earth!) and another thing, I wash my hands long enough for it to be three times so no, I don't do that either LOL I have an obsession with even numbers, everything being perfectly balanced, and only taking two steps between cracks in a side walk. (That's just the small stuff) lol

Annnyways, I have officially come to the conclusion that I do, in fact, have OCD. It's not a severe case, not a super mild case either, just an average amount that can drive anyone crazy, but not psycho. lol (& No I don't need therapy for this.) You with me? lol Okay moving on, so my mom explained that she had the same thing until she went to seminary at the age that I am now, but uhh yea instead of it disappearing for me it's become worse than before. I sure wish my mom remembered how she got rid of hers! I'd like to know the trick!

So that was fun frying my dads brain because he didn't know this OCD side of my mother. They've known each other for 29/30ish years? Well either way that's a long time and he said he never knew this about her haha It was funny seeing his jaw drop. After talking about OCD my mom randomly started talking in a language her friends in HS use to speak in when people were around. For example apparently she said this a lot "Tong O Dong Dong Fong A Rong Tong Song" which means "Todd Farts" (Todd was one of her friends who understood the language and apparently they picked on him about farting alot? Haha I don't know, but if you say it out loud it sounds like a language from an Asian background. (no offense) Go ahead, say it out loud, I know you're tempted to. Wanna say something other than "Todd Farts" well here: the consonants are "ong" and the vowels are just normal so if you want to say "Hello" it would be "Hong E Long Long O" HAHAHA I told you that us Stackpole's are weird. =) (I wouldn't want it any other way though)

After that little bit I started talking in pig latin and the rest joined in. It was quite a fun night. I'm glad I have them when I need them. My day up until that point wasn't fun, but they sure did help put a smile on my face before I went to bed. =)

So my question for you... What's your quark? Do you have OCD? Did you speak a made up language with your friends when you were younger? Anything more bizarre?? More importantly, did I freak you out with my odd family? haha I'd LOVE to know. Give me the deets!

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