Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 17: Favorite Restaurant on Disney Property


'Ohana is not only my favorite restaurant on property, but EVER!!
The appetizers are delicious and never ending, the entrée meats (especially the shrimp) are perfectly cooked and flavorful, the drinks are perfectly mixed and made a little stronger than the average bar drink, and the dessert is seriously to die for.
Ahhhhh!!! I have been there 6-8 times since early 2009 (I can't keep count any more). Yea you can say I'm obsessed haha I love that food so much that I've actually eaten so many shrimp in one setting that the chef wanted to meet me! hahaha
I love that the food is all you can eat, but isn't buffet style so all sorts of hands with millions of germs touching the scoops that will always end up in the food. You don't have to deal with that, the waiters, aka your cousins, bring it out to you.
I LOVED it when I went with some of my best friends during spring break last year (2010) and we could see the fireworks from where we were sitting. We started to cry like babies and laughing at the same time 'cause we were also trying to eat haha That was a great memory, especially since the first time I went was with them =) I blame them, and a few others, for getting me hooked lol ::points fingers at Sarah, Marissa, Eashley::
So yea, I can't wait to go back in August. I'm ready to make a reservation right now! And I HIGHLY RECOMMEND everyone to do the same when they go on their next vacation to Disney. =)

Dessert: Bread Pudding w/ Vanilla Ice Cream & Banana Caramel Topping

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