Sunday, February 20, 2011

Day 15: Favorite Walt Disney World Resort

Now this is tough. It’s a tie between three: the Grand Floridian, Coronado Springs & the Polynesian Resort.

Both resorts are gorgeous... The beds at Coronado Springs are like sleeping on a cloud, sadly the Poly isn’t as comfortable, but the room at the Poly has more of a theme to it.

Both resorts have amazing pools, but what makes the Poly beat Coronado is the fact that my favorite place to eat in the world (‘Ohana) is there.

I LOVE ‘Ohanas and I love the ambiance of the Poly. The waterfalls inside and outside of the resort are beautiful and relaxing and the beach is so amazing. You can see the castle from across the water as well as the beautiful Grand Floridian Resort and the Modern Contemporary Resort & Bay Lake Tower. My favorite part is that you can watch the fireworks & hear the music of the fireworks show from the beach. It’s truly magical!

Lastly, I worked there for a week so I know the ins and outs of the resort more than I do of Coronado, plus all of my memories at the Poly are positive ones and I will leave that at that haha =)

Sooooo Polynesian I You!!!

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