Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 1: Favorite Walt Disney World Park

I would most definitely have to say Hollywood Studios. When I was a kid I was so hardcore about the “movie star” life. Whenever I would walk through the entrance of MGM studios (that’s what it was at the time) I would smile SO BIG no matter where I was in the park because it was "my park".

Now that I’m older & actually worked at Hollywood Studios, I have an even more special place for this park in my heart. The atmosphere of this park is something I absolutely love. It was especially amazing at night when you just get off work and you're walking down Sunset Boulevard with no one in the park, the big band music is playing loudly on the speakers and the buildings are still lit from when the guests were in the park... The warm evening just tops it all off... ::sigh:: that was the life. So yes, Hollywood Studios is my favorite park for many, many reasons.

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