Saturday, January 29, 2011

♪ Let It Snow ♪

"Oh the weather outside is frightful..." Ahhh!! This weather is nutso!!! This makes me want to be in FL more than ever now! ha! Anyways here are my stories of my winter adventures of this week...

On Wednesday, I left work around 12:35pm because it was snowing the biggest & heaviest snow flakes I have EVER seen! As I was driving through the town that my job is located in, my car got stuck in an intersection right right before the entry ramp for the interstate. (I was on my way to the interstate to go home.) That was a very scary moment. My little pontiac grand am does not do well in snow. I was stuck trying to move for 20 minutes. Strangers would drive past now even asking if I needed any help, they were on their merry way. Cops wouldn't even help me. hump!

I was getting so close to the interstate... FAIL!

Luckily I came up with the plan to drive in reverse (when no one was around) because I was on a hill. So I made it down to where I can turn to go down the hill properly, got a little stuck, but some bitch of hillbilly truck driver zoomed passed me. You could even see that she was laughing at me. You could say that I was not thrilled.

Well after I got laughed at and got unstuck again I was driving down a hill and my car decided to slide sideways. My breaks wouldn't work at all so I pulled my E-Brake & it worked right before I slid through another intersection. I was scared out of my mind. So I got on some other main roads that looked a little more clear to get to different entry of the interstate, but while driving that way, I slid and almost hit a telephone pole with the nose of my car. Let's just say I am most definitely not having a blast at this point.

Somehow I made it to the entry of the interstate, but I had to drive 15 to go on there, but once I was on I-79, the roads were a lot more clear, but I slid all over the place even going 25. When I finally got to my exit (about an hour or so later on the interstate, when it usually takes 20 mins to go from my house to my work place) there was a HUGE lineup of cars so I decided to go to the next exit, but somehow the entry to my exit was fairly empty. The cars were lined up behind an 18 wheeler about 5 car lengths away from the exit. They probably thought the semi was stuck on the exit ramp, but it wasn't. Poor, stuck people. lol =\

So I got on the entry ramp and drove uber slow! I got on the main road, which was not clear at all. When I was going down a hill in 2nd gear my car slid off onto the side of the road and almost into a ditch. (thank you e-brake!!) I tried to get out but the car was moving sideways towards the ditch. If I didn't stop, my car would have literally flipped upside down into the ditch. YIKES!!

You can barely see the ditch (right) because of all the snow, but it's there, I promise!

I was stuck here for about 30 mins, but two different people stopped their cars checking to see if I was okay. (so nice of them!) I let them know that I called AAA and they gave me the okay sign and drove safely down the road. My dad and brother, drove out to where I was stuck and pushed my car out so I didn't need AAA anymore. YAY!! So I cancelled AAA from saving me because my dad & brother saved me, but no more than 5 minutes later I got stuck again when my dad tried to make me drive up hill. HA! I got out of that by myself though =) I eventually got home (at 2:35, exactly two hours later HAHAHA) This was quite an adventure.

Home Sweet Home

Also, last week I almost rear ended someone at a stoplight on a bridge in Fairmont. My breaks wouldn't work because of all the snow & ice, but when I pulled my e-brake my car somehow stopped literally about an inch or two before I hit the person. Can you say luck? (LUCK!) I am so over this weather. I'm not looking forward to this supposed blizzard we are getting on Tuesday. I'm ready for springtime.

I hope my pain brought you some entertainment. Although it was a bitch to deal with, I at least learned how to drive in the snow. I hope everyone is cautious and drives VERY safely during this harsh weather. Best wishes to all!!

☮ & ♥

Song: Let it Snow - a winter holiday song

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