Thursday, January 27, 2011

♪ Change ♪

I thought I'd start over with this whole blog thing since I haven't been doing a good job keeping up with it. Lets see how long this will last...

It's amazing how much things can change in only 7 months. No, I'm not in Europe being an Au Pair babysitting bratty kids. No, I'm not in love with anyone anymore. No, I'm not in FL anymore. (Don't remind me about that one) I am a recent college graduate working on the next steps in my life...

In December I graduated with my B.A. in Music Arts Administration with a Business minor. I'm so proud of myself for succeeding in school. I graduated with a 3.0, which is a solid B. I wish it was higher, but it could be lower so I am very content.
At my college they don't have a december graduation ceremony, so I'm going to have to wait until May for that. I can't believe that chapter in my life is already behind me. It went by so fast!!

After 3 weeks of "winter break" I was so nervous that I wouldn't be able to find a job, but I landed an internship at a local hospital. I'm working as the marketing intern until my boss goes on maternity leave then I will be taking over as the Marketing Coordinator Interim. This means that I will be in charge of all the marketing for the hospital until my boss returns. I started 3 weeks ago, but I have learned so much already! I'm excited to see what else I'll learn. This is such an amazing opportunity. I have really lucked out!

A couple weeks ago I registered for my online classes to work on my wedding & event design and wedding & event planning certifications. I am having a blast! It's all so interesting, but also very time consuming. I am so excited that I am on my way to gaining skills and confidence in a field that I have been dreaming about working in.

Most recently I applied to do another Disney College Program, but this time it'll be for the fall. If I get this, I would have had the opportunity to work at Disney in every season. YAY!! hehe I don't want to jinx myself though so lets just hope that I get in and get a purple folder here in the next 2 weeks and then I can go into more detail. =)

Okay that's enough for an update. Expect a blog entry about my most recent snow adventures. HA!

☮ & ♥

Song: Change - Taylor Swift

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