Saturday, May 1, 2010

♪ Write You A Song ♪

Soooo much to catch up on!!
- Well I had the hardest semester of my college life this spring. (Bonner & classes are kicking my ass)
- I have at least 5 friends pregnant and at least 10 engaged since December and it doesn't seem to stop & I think it's absolutely crazy!! haha
- And lastly, I'm back at Disney till August!!
That about sums it up, but when it comes to the details... where to really begin??

I'm done w/Bonner after this semester (thank god!), I'm a ZTA alumna now, but I'll still be in SAI till December WHEN I GRADUATE!?!?!?! I am sooooo looking forward to that!! I look forward to the day when I can say that I have a Bachelors in Music Arts Administration with a Business Minor. I'm going to feel so accomplished and proud. The next chapter in life after that is the scary party cause I have no idea what's going to happen. I'm going to apply for a Disney Professional Internship and if I don't get that, then maybe I'll just work at Disney part-time and try to work for an event/wedding planning company in Orlando so I can start getting my feet wet in that field since my ultimate goal is to be a Disney Fairytale Wedding Planner. =)
As for my friends... Holy Shit! I swear there's a new engagement or pregnancy every week!! It kinda makes me feel shitty when it comes to that part in my life, but I'm perfectly happy where I'm at right now. Right? lol
Disney... I'm currently doing the summer alumni program May 17th-August 13th YAYYYY!!! I'm not working back at Rock 'n' Roller Coaster in attractions sadly, but I am working at one of the Deluxe Villa Resorts in their store for Merchandise. It's not bad... Ehhh who am I kidding I'm bored out of my Freaking Mind!!!! haha I shouldn't complain too much because it's easy money but it's so boring! I'm the only CP there are 2 ICP's, one 27 year old and everyone else is 50 or older & they're ALL WOMEN!!! Gahhhhh!!!! I need men in my everyday life, but that's because all of my friends from home are guys. It's what I grew up so going to work w/all women & going home to my apartment w/all women gets kinda old & sometimes annoying ha! I do love my roommates though! =)
What else is going on in my life... Well I just got my hair cut. Apparently it looks like the Rachel Green haircut (Yes as in Rachel from Friends) =) haha I like it but the bangs need to be fixed reeeeaaaalllly bad.
Hmm... I am VERY excited for July 10th!! I cannot wait till that day comes cause the most amazing guy I know will be coming to Disney on vacation for 2 weeks! So I am pumped to see him.
I think that's really all that needs to be updated. I'm seriously going to try to keep updating my blog now. I put too much effort into the design in my blog not to actually blog haha Maybe next time I'll write you all a song instead?? =P hehe
Till next time!

☮ & ♥

Song: Write You A Song - Plain White T's

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