Monday, December 29, 2008

♪ Hold On ♪

 So this is the first, of I'm sure many, blog titles from songs by the Jonas Brothers. I like them a lot so don't hate lol
I cannot believe that my flight leaves in 13 days!!! I'm kinda freaking out to be honest! lol I'm just like "Hold On A Second Is This For Real???" I've actually been hiding in my room so far this whole break by playing computer games rocking out to JoBros stuff and chillin on Team Jonas (don't laugh, don't hate, I love my TJ sisters) and I think I figured out that it's because I'm really nervous about being so far away for so long and all alone. Don't get my wrong, I'm VERY excited for this whole experience, but it's scary too! It's pretty cool the whole independence thing that'll be going on while I'm there, but I'm definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. It's like "Wait! I have to grow up??"
I'm also a bit worried because for the past month maybe even two months (everything this semester kinda blends together) my father has been in and out of the hospital for unknown health issues. It may be gallbladder stuff, lung issues, lymph-node cancer in the lungs, no one is sure, but it's scary. He's having surgery on Tuesday, whoa tomorrow! I'm scared cause well I love my daddy & I hate seeing him scared and I hate not knowing what's going on and I hate leaving him and my family during the process of finding out. I just hope that whatever it is, it can be treated.

So this theme of the blog today is definitely fits the song Hold On here are some of the lyrics...

We don’t have time left to regret
It will take more than common sense 
So stop your wondering take a stand 
There's more to life than just to live

'cause an empty room can be so loud
It's too many tears to drown them out
So hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on

One single smile a helping hand
It's not that hard to be a friend
So don’t give up stand 'til the end
There's more to life than just to live


To me it fits everything that I'm kind of stressing about cause the whole "Hold On! I Have To Grow Up?" & "Hold On! My Dad Is Really Sick & I Have To Leave?" I know that's not what the song is about specifically, but it makes sense to me ya know? 

I don't even know if I'm making any sense whatsoever, but yea that's what's on my mind right now at 2:30am. (2nd night in a row not being able to sleep =( boo hiss!) Speaking of, I'm going to attempt to go to bed ... again lol I may be back later today, who knows, but I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!!
      ☮ ♥ RJ

Song: Hold On - Jonas Brothers

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