Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Rachel vs RJ

Okay soooo I can't really concentrate right now so I'm gonna blog. I have a ga-zillion papers to write that are due this week and a final this Friday then there are some other bizarre happenings that have already been thrown at me within the past 2 days, but we wont go there. So basically I'm going crazy. Funnnnnn... haha!
I cannot wait for Thanksgiving break!!! Friday I will be coming home with a lot of my stuff from school because I'm starting to take things home since I will not be returning in the Spring (Thank You Disney!) 
This is kind of random ... I still haven't decided if I want people to call me Rachel or RJ while I'm at the crazy-fun WDW. My name tag for my job will say Rachel cause I thought it would be easier for me to kind of relate to the little kids names Rachel. Confused? Let me explain... 

This is very detailed and I remember this like it was yesterday... Well Almost...
When I was about 6 years old I remember going to Magic Kingdom with my family. We walked past the Train Station and we were getting ready to walk past one of the first stores on the right part of Main Street, but I saw that there was a girl who worked at Disney with dark brown hair and wearing a maroon vest with a name tag on it that said "Rachel". I got VERY excited and just had to meet her. I thought it was the coolest thing that someone who worked at the most magical place in the world had the same name as me. (Keep in mind that Rachel wasn't a very popular name in the early 90's, but now everyone seems to have it haha!) But that story is why I chose "Rachel" rather than "RJ" cause how many little kids will have the name RJ? I don't know any. Actually I don't even know any girls that go by RJ haha! Go Me! =P

Okay so enough of the long pointless story. I think that once I get to Mickey's Home (my new one hehe) I will just give people the option  of calling me Rachel or RJ and see how it goes from there. Is that a good idea?? I think it'll work! Oh how I love talking to myself haha!! =P
So I think that I like this blogging thing. I don't know how often I'll update it, but I'm gonna try to at least once a week and maybe more once I get to Disney if I'm not extremely busy =)
Enough of my rambling, I'm gonna go finish writing my papers. I hope 
for the best for everyone & can't wait to fill you in on my unimportant 
situations and tell you more random stories =P
 ♥ RJ

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